Animation - individual frame control per layer

thanks Jan@cosmigo! You Rock!

thanks for reply and the info

Thank you, this is also a feature that I am looking forward to.

Jan@cosmigo, PMNG over the years has become my go to program for anything I wish or want or could even desire in pixel art. I have found a way to do almost everything that the program doesn’t do immediately.

That being said right now is there an ETA on Animation-individual frame control per layer? I personally feel when PMNG has this ability the program will be absolutely perfect with no reason to use anything else!

I like jmations second post where he shows it on the layers palate under a frames tab. I personally think that’s the best way to go. In my time I have used several animation programs and I don’t like the big window at the bottom that all of them seem to have it just takes up way too much space.

I realize your not going to bring it up next week in the next version but if you have an ETA by now that would all help us. Thanks for making an awesome program.

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Hope to have the Animation-individual frame control per layer soon.
English is not my first language, and I hope this doesn’t feel forced in tone, but i hope everything will turn out better.