1. Grouping Layers 2.Function of free transformation

Hi, Jan!
You have a very good program with a good set of useful functions.
But the essence is always in the details…))

I would really like to be able to combine the layers into groups.
When you work with a lot of layers, especially for animation, it’s easy to get confused - creating layer groups is a great solution.

There is also a lack of free transformation function.

Thank you for your attention.

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Hi MaxR,

thank you :slight_smile:

Grouping layers is not yet on my list of user wishes so I will add it.

The in place transformation is planned for next year. This year I want to add a function that was wished often recently: layer/selection move tool.

Best regards,

Hello Jan.cosmigo will we see layer grouping in March? If not I understand you are very busy. Thank you for the work you have done in the past to make this an awesome program!

Here’s a look at Photoshop’s Layers Panel with some random nested layer groups and coloring set up -

Along with grouping layers in collapsible groups I find it helps to have your own color code to apply to your layers to help you find things.

Personally, I haven’t had to deal with managing more than ~8 layers in a Pro Motion project so far. For those that do have lots of layers, layer groups should certainly be a welcome ui organization feature. Possibly coloring as well.

And as usual, when you have a nested tree control where you can drag items up and down the stack, it can become awkward to know where in the nested stack an item will go when it’s dropped.
-When dropping a layer onto a folder already containing layers, will the new layer go to the top or bottom? Even Photoshop at one point changed how with worked when dragging layers around (to my dismay).
-And when you drag and drop a layer below a group which is already nested in another group, which nested level will the dropped layer be in?
etc etc