3d delta visual updater not working(SOLVED)

Hello Jan@cosmigo I work with 3d a lot as by now many people can tell. I have noticed when you do this particular sequence the 3d delta visual updater freezes every time.

  1. create a document of 64x64 pixels
    2.confirm and open your document.
    3.press (ctrl+alt+h) to turn on smart copy
  2. press (alt+q) or (alt+w) to change the delta.

now at this point the 3d delta visual update works and the user can easily tell what delta they are on

  1. draw anything with one stroke
  2. press undo (ctrl+z)
    7.press (alt+q) or (alt+w) to change the delta.

now the 3d delta visual updater unfortunately will be frozen the delta will still work but there will be no way to tell what delta you are on. It is so much needed to know what level of delta your on for a perticular element.The only way to fix it is to restart the application I know you are busy but please fix it soon.

This is fixed with V8 Beta 4

You are awesome Jan@cosmigo…Thanks! :grinning: