3d veiws do not work in latest build (BUG)

any time you draw with anaglyph or horizontal interlace turned on it either shows a horizontal interlace view that cannot be seen with anaglyph glasses or it doesn’t update at all neither is good.I think what is going on is that when a drawing is drawn from a previous version of ProMotion NG it doesn’t show any kind of anaglyph at all. When a drawing is done within thee beta version of ProMotion NG it then shows this version of interlace without interlace lines instead of anaglyph.
Please fix soon.

Please fix in future

ok i can tell Jan.cosmigo youv’e done some work on this and it is better so I’m going to change it to 3d views do not work when using a old document which was created from a previous build on the latest build. Please fix when you have the time.thank you.

I tried out the latest build and 3d views still do not work if they were made from an earlier version. Please fix thank you,