• jan@cosmigo.com

4k scaling help please!


so i recently got a new laptop with a 4k screen, set my scaling in windows to 175%… promotion worked great the first day.
then when i opened it again today the scaling is waaaaayyyy off… i cant seem to fix it. no other programs are effected. just promotion… i tried deleting all the PM files (incl all the setting) and reinstalled it a few times… nothing seems to help…

any one have a suggestion?

here is a pic of my PM-program at the moment


i have found a way to fix the scaling problem.

-save your project and close your Promotion application.
-navigate to your pmotion.exe file and right click it.
-go to properties>Compatibility>Change High DPI setting
-under the header"Program DPI" check this box “Use this setting to fix…”
-under high DPI scaling check this box “Overide high DPI scaling behavior”.
-select system(Enhanced) from the dropdown menu. press ok.

it should work now, if it doesn’t restart you PC.

Hope this helps anyone with similar problems.
Have a Great day.


Indeed PM does not support true DPI scaling at the moment. It’s one of the bigger todos for one of the next bigger releases.
Will check your workaround to see if it’s possible to set this as default behavior. Thanks for the hint!