• jan@cosmigo.com

A keystroke that overrides the animbrush

let me explain,
when drawing with an animbrush while using tiles such as making a waterfall, you would want to lay down the same tile over and over again and eventually advance a frame where you would want your animbrush to advance but not until…
however this is a pain when your animbrush keeps advancing forward in frames and your not done with the big picture frame your on.
So my suggestion is a keystroke that will freeze the animbrush in it’s tracks if you will so you can advance it when you need and not when it’s not wanted.

Yo, i got curious. I found this:


Another hidden power within, I suppose. :sweat_smile:

default shortcut’s either 2 handed or i have to move over my left hand to the right side of the kb though. So if it was me, i would change it.

But instead of that, i still wish we had some sort of kb shortcut mode. Just like how vim does it. So all kb shorcuts in PMNG can be done with just one hand, on the left side of the kb.

interesting Cageburner I’ll have to try that one.