• jan@cosmigo.com

A keystroke to go from fill to draw

Hi gang,
Some of us use keyboard shortcuts, they help us go much faster than we can alone. But it seems once you keystroke F for fill you have to go to the toolbar to go back to a drawing mode…Not So here’s the work around. Press F for fill, then instead of pressing .(period) for draw single dots press B instead for brush cutter. Then you can press .(preiod) for paint single dots. just a tip I found and wanted to share.

Why not using “D” for continues drawing when you want to leave the fill tool and switch to continuous drawing (or “S” for dotted drawing)?

Jan@cosmigo that may work but in the past it hasn’t worked for me.

Strange. Maybe it’s not working because of something with your setup?

I always do it the way Jan has suggested it. And if something unexpected is happening, i might have used the brush and picked something on the canvas, so i press “.” to make sure.

Does pressing D, then F not toggle between tools like this?