• jan@cosmigo.com

A Move Tool like other traditional painting software?


Hello, my English is not very well.
I know I can move layer use the Scroll function in Frame menu, and I know I can “cutting” things with Get Brush tool.
But sometimes I really think if there has a Move Tool just like other traditional painting software will be better.
Especially It can move a selection or things in the selection.

Some digital painting software users like me have the same feeling. We are used to have Rectangular marquee tool / Polygonal lasso tool and a Move tool. For the current Pro Motion NG’s functions, I think to add a Move tool Is not too hard. I’ve already learned aseprite now, The Get brush function of the Pro Motion NG are really great, to take me back to choice Pro Motion NG. Wish it will be better and better!


Hi @CallofAS,

yes, this exactly what I will include once the release 7.2 is done. It’s overdue and still takes some days but right after that I will sit down and include standard selection tools as well as move/scale. It’ll hopefully work multi layer and multi frame. Later rotate and free transform will be added as well.

Wish it will be better and better!

That’s what I’m trying to do. See here for the latest beta of the upcoming release and all the changes.