A Move Tool like other traditional painting software?

Hello, my English is not very well.
I know I can move layer use the Scroll function in Frame menu, and I know I can “cutting” things with Get Brush tool.
But sometimes I really think if there has a Move Tool just like other traditional painting software will be better.
Especially It can move a selection or things in the selection.

Some digital painting software users like me have the same feeling. We are used to have Rectangular marquee tool / Polygonal lasso tool and a Move tool. For the current Pro Motion NG’s functions, I think to add a Move tool Is not too hard. I’ve already learned aseprite now, The Get brush function of the Pro Motion NG are really great, to take me back to choice Pro Motion NG. Wish it will be better and better!

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Hi @CallofAS,

yes, this exactly what I will include once the release 7.2 is done. It’s overdue and still takes some days but right after that I will sit down and include standard selection tools as well as move/scale. It’ll hopefully work multi layer and multi frame. Later rotate and free transform will be added as well.

Wish it will be better and better!

That’s what I’m trying to do. See here for the latest beta of the upcoming release and all the changes.



Did this ever get implemented? It would definitely help my workflow.

It’s currently in the make, but I can’t tell when it’s finished. Beta’s will be available as soon there as there is a usable state.

Still very new to Pro Motion but having a pretty rough time transitioning from Photoshop for my pixel art work, and the move/selection tools are a big reason. This doesn’t mean Photoshop is right and Pro Motion is wrong, but just wanted to express that. I’m sure PM attracts a lot of PS users who want to get more serious about pixel art, but wow the shell shock is real. Very different paradigm in PM.

So, what would happen to pixels moved outside of the canvas?
Would they be deleted/forgotten or would users be able to expand the canvas to find them again?

You mean when the new tool set is available? If you move it out of the canvas?

Right. Just something to consider - if users are to be able move the contents of layers around the frame, and pixels get moved outside the boundaries of the frame, what happens to those pixels once the user releases the mouse or deselects the selection - would those pixels get lost/deleted. If not, how does the user get them back?

For reference, Photoshop remembers anything you move outside the canvas. You can either expand the canvas to find it again or simply move the layer around until what you’re looking for is back inside the canvas/visible area.

For the first version of the floating selection stuff you would loose those pieces when you remove the selection. As long as the floating selection is active it will be available.
I know that this is different to what PS can do today, but the underlying system (rooting back to 1996 when I started this) can not hold that information.
I might add this later but being a spare time project and having a huge pile of request I don’t think that it will be this year.

A good way to get around this is save the brush to the brush container before you stamp it down. This may seem over simplistic but I am just trying to help.

One of my friends showed me this Ctrl Alt 1 is left Ctrl Alt 2 is right Ctrl Alt 3 is up Ctrl Alt 4 is down. And you are even able to select if the layer is all layers, current layer, or visible layers. this is under frame/scroll if the move layer tool is’nt ready yet this is ready yesterday!