A tool palette window for tools without shortcut keys

There are so many tools in PMNG (which is a fact that i love) that, sometimes, i run out of shortcut keys to use.
As a workaround, i assign myself a temp sck. When i want to use another tool w/o a sck, i reassign and use that same sck combination to that other tool.

A tool for example like:

This happens not that often. But sometimes, i wish there was a window where i could drag these tools shown in the kb sc window, and then drop them there - in that new window.
That tool that was dropped in the new window (i’m calling it a tool palette window because i’m thinking we could drop multiple tools here) now becomes a button i could click anytime to activate.

Such feature is on my list already, but didn’t make it into a release, yet.

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Oh. I apologize if this was a request that was already made.
Thanks for the update, Jan!