A way to override animbrush

Hello Jan.cosmigo
I work in 3-D a lot, I mean constantly. However it is the most discoraging thing when I want to draw in 3-D and hold down the alt button and then draw onnthe canvas. The program automatically thinks I want to use animbrush. Then it takes my brush and pastes it on every frame! This is not at all what I wanted I just simply wanted to use the brilliant 3-D functions that only Pro Motion NG has. Now I know I can train my muscle memory to only press the button when envoking a 3-D function but I’ve tried this and it is quite difficult. this is quite difficult. Please make a check box that will allow me to turn off animbrush entirely. I know most people wont use it but I would love it. Thank you in the past for creating all of the useful functions in Pro Motion NG. Please consider this function for me thanks ahead of time.

Why do you hit Alt when drawing? Is it because the shortcuts of 3d displacement value are Alt +…?

Alt does not stamp down the AnimBrush. It activates AnimPainting and there is an option to switch this off:

Maybe I misunderstood the problem.

I have it set up that (alt+right) is positive delta (alt+left) is negative delta (alt+up) is clone (alt+down) is smart copy. and it seems that even when I have the animpainting field unselected it still invokes animpainting. If you do see a problem in this please fix.

Îndeed, even if it’s unchecked it animates when 3d is enabled. Fixed with V8 Beta 10.

thanks Jan.cosmigo! your the best