Ability to sync palette between all of the opened projects

So I’m working on a game and I plan to challenge myself by only making use of a single 256 color palette (0th color being transparency) so it can be later ported by fans to other systems as a homebrew. But I got a problem: I want to be able to auto synchronize the palette between the open projects for the game so I won’t accidentally break this constraint I’ve put on myself.

However it seems like there is no way of doing it, if I change a color in project A, I have to copy all the changed colors to projects B, C, D and E as well. This was an issue I’ve ran into earlier when I still used GrafX2 for the project (if it wasn’t for the terrible UI, I wouldn’t have a need to buy PM), however I’ve decided to just put up with it until I have PM.

Not possible atm. Any suggestions on how to include this based on UI settings? I can not imagine how to automatically clamp projects together that use a palette, while others you also have open at a time don’t.

One idea would be to autocopy palette from currently active project to all other opened projects on every palette change if the setting is active.

Yes, but this was really dangerous, even if it was an option. You open another project, not remembering the option is enabled and you would probably “destroy” it. On the other hand I understand the usefulness. Maybe we add a kind of “Copy to other Projects” menu entry that opens a dialog where you can select destination projects. Yes, you’d have to do that manually, but I don’t see a true disadvantage.

Yeah, that would work, just make sure it would take into account only opened projects and won’t modify any projects on disk.