About 'create with single images'

When I create new project with ‘create with single images’, It seems information of each image’s file names got lost.(in 6.5, it keeps file name informations)

So I using 6.5 when I must manage many images as a single project.

Is there any way to keep each file’s name informations when using ‘create with single images’?

This feature will hopefully return soon. It was removed with the introduction of layers because this made it some more complicated and I wanted to test if people still need this function. Other users also told me that they miss it so I will include it again.

Thank you very much!

I just wanted to open a new topic and saw this.

Do you mean that the folder + prefix + starting-index of “Save animation as single files” will be part of the project and not global as today?
Such a thing will be highly appreciated.


That’s a different thing. The initial post is about importing from single images. In past versions the images names where stored and kept with every single frame and when you use “Save image” then the frame’s image file name was used. In current versions the image file name is stored with theor whole project and not per frame. Will re-include this in the future.

Your problem is that the settings for “Save as single Images” are not stored with the project so that you have problems when switching projects and using this function.
This is already on my “to-do” list. It’s a simple thing so I guess it will be added with the upcoming release.

With the upcomig release the options of the “Save as single Images” dialog are stored with the project: folder, prefix, start index, file type.

@jan.cosmigo Great news. Thanks.