Accidental palette editing (hex code field gets focus)

Multiple times per session of Pro Motion I experience an awkward issue - the hex code field in the Color Palette panel somehow unintentionally gets focus and so the current foreground color turns black as soon as I press a key, such as space to pan around. I don’t realize the hex code field has focus and so I accidentally change or remove the hexcode with my next key press since the text in the field gets selected.

Seems to usually happen when PM isn’t the current program and I alt+tab back to it, but can happen while PM is the focused program and I’m just pixeling away, and using multiple panels.

While testing the issue, I’ve noticed the hex code field can get focus, with text highlighted, but then lose focus if I wait a few seconds. The hex code text will be selected, highlighted blue like my screenshot shows, but then get deselected all by itself.

When I do black out a color by accident, Edit>Undo will get the color back so at least there’s that.

Do you have that option enabled?:

Nope, I do not.

I don’t believe I’ve ever turned that on before.