Acquire color tool question

If there has a layer with some layer mode(e.g., Soft light) above. Then I can not to acquire color from the layer below it with Straw tool.
Is there a better way ?

Hi @CallofAS ,

which layer is active (selected in the layer window) when you try to pick up a color?


Hi, Jan.

The 1st picture is the layer that with some color mode likes Overlay. It is at the top.
The 2nd picture is the layers which I draw.
The 3rd picture is the problem’s situation. When these layers are visible at the same time. I can only pick up the top layer whose color’mode is not normal. I can not pick up a color from the active layer.
I mean, sometimes, I will draw in a layer below a color mode layer in the process, to see the final result.
So, Is there a way just like I can lock a layer so that when I try to pick up a color, I could ignore it?
If there is not have yet. It’s Ok. I will try to adapt to use the software.
It’s nice to see the developers quickly reply.
Sorry for my bad english again.:grinning:

I totally forgot :man_facepalming: This is a bug and this is fixed with the current beta and the upcoming release 7.2.
Please try the beta here:

Thank you Jan. :grinning:
This is not the first time you give me the Beta link. I should to try it and read the changelog.