• jan@cosmigo.com

Add audio track

hello, I’m working in several scenes for a music videoclip and it woeld be great add audio tracks to work in synchronize. At lest three? (voice, fx and music) :slight_smile: any way, I in love with promotion, good job team

Wouldn’t this be better/faster with a vid editor?

If it was me, i would:

  1. Finish all animations and/or animated scenes in PMNG
  2. Save animation as GIF/AVI
  3. Import saved file to OpenShot or other similar vid editing program.
  4. Import music to vid editing program and work from there.

thanks for answering. I don’t think so. it’s faster to sync lips and motions when you can draw and listen at the same time, like in Blender using grease pencil.

Currently I do it as you say but exporting sequence of images, so you can always increase or decrease frames in the video editor, or change their sort, although you don’t always like the result and you have to redraw.

I have this on my wish list for a long time. But at the moment I still can’t say when I can add this.