Add more ways for us to use all the items in the 'control' tab of the "tool & paint settings" window

Inside the red bracket, we have all these options:

But we’re only allowed to use 4 of them at a time.

  • It would be great if we are able to use all of them at the same time at the tip of our fingertips.
  • And customize the shortcut (key+wheel presses) we need to do while at it.

This issue came to me because i now have multiple knobs hooked up to my PC. With macros, I’ve setup a knob for each action i could do in this window. So i could execute them at anytime by just turning one knob. But that’s only 4 knobs. And i have a whole lot more knobs to spare to use with PMNG.

Hey Cageburner I understand what your saying about macros but…I have this puppy and it does all the macros I need just don’t expect it to do the light show because that’s bogus.

In fact if you get the same model as me I’ll send you the profile and all documentation I’ve created to save you some time.

Hey Morintari, thanks for the offer! Only issue is that’s a bit above my budget. I’m good though cause i already have a macropad and its price is 1/5th of that item. :sweat_smile: And another gear that has all the knobs i mentioned in my post.

For anyone interested - macropad, MMmmmn knobs

@cageburner Can you tell me more about what it does? You can define different extra key combinations like
Shift, Shift + Ctrl, Shift + Alt, Shift + Ctrl + Alt, Ctrl…
So, all combinations possible and then it applies the mouse wheel operation?

Hey Jan,

Yeah, so, right now, there are 10 functions we can possibly use to hook up with a modifier key + mouse wheel shortcut.I’m really grateful for these capabilities, and i know this will sound like a “give an inch, take a mile” kind of situation, but -

I feel we could enhance this feature if we’re able to address at least 2 of these pain points:

  1. We can only use 4 of those 10 at a time right now.
  2. We can’t define extra modifier key combinations + mouse wheel (forgive me if this was actually possible and i just don’t know how right now, tutorial?)
  3. No ability to add other things to cycle through.(I’ll be honest, i only thought of this today)
    Some examples:
  • cycle through all the tools.
  • cycle through all the windows. (because some shortcuts don’t activate unless the window’s active
  • cycle through menus, it’s sub-menus, and each items’ sub-menus (especially useful for features with no shortcuts yet.)
  • cycle through a user-defined special set of features found in different parts of the program that we commonly use.
  • cycle through formula items
  • cycle through blend modes
  • cycle through the various color edit functions
  • there might be some i missed that’s possible to cycle through

I understand #3 is most definitely a heavy feature to implement.

Understood. Added to my list.