Adding new features

I have some suggestions for new features that will be great if the developer adds them to Pro motion ng. These features come from the Aseprite software :

RotSprite Rotation
Control Alpha Channel
Tag Frames

Hi @badrobatx ,

Something like RotSprite is there with V8 beta:

See the “Preprocessing” option. There you can use “Scale 3x”. Also you can apply bilinear filtering as “Postprocessing” options.
More options might come one day. Especially for the Preprocessing functions there could be additions because upscaling before transforming is the best way how to improve quality without adding new colors (as e.g. bilinear does).

Can you give more details about Control Alpha Channel? You can create alpha transparent projects and you have full control over semi transparency then.

Tag Frames is planned for some release after V8 along with a complete new timeline. The current one isn’t much more that a bare frame navigation element. :expressionless:

Thank you for the ‘Preprocessing’ and ‘Tag Frames’ features.

BTW my point was to add Control Alpha Channel for the palette section.

I see. Can you explain why it’s beneficial to control alpha values per color palette index compared to having a pixel alpha plane? This would help me to better understand the use cases.

Jan.cosmigo could i add to the subject value rotation? We already have value scaling through the resize tool. But we still need value rotation please Value scaling is where there is a field to put in exactly what percentage for scaling. Value rotation is the same thing the problem is that Pro Motion NG does not yet have it and it would be so much better if it did…any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi @Morintari,

please use a separate (new) thread for different feature requests.


Sorry about that Jan.cosmigo

I saw this feature in most pixel art software. it’s useful(speed up the process) to have the same color with different alpha in the color palette

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I might add this in some future release.In the meanwhile you could use the new color picker mode that is available with V8 (beta) to select color + alpha both from the canvas:
Of course, not the same thin as having the values in a sorted palette but maybe it’s a help.

Thank you :grinning:

I found a new glitch: when I open a sprite sheet the pro motion ng detects that and proposes a window to separate sprites and that works great.

the problem is when I open a sprite sheet from the “recent section” the promotion doesn’t detect it as a sprite sheet and doesn’t propose that useful window that separates them.

When loading an image file (bmp or png) that has no extra information that tells PM that it is a sprite sheet then you have to use load File/Load Animation. Only in that case it will offer sprite sheet “decoding” because it then knows that you want an animation and not an image.
If you save an animation as sprite sheet image then PM stores an extra file with some details about the animation (frame speed, sprite sheet layout…)

Now when you use the “recent” section then the following happens:
If it’s a pure image file without the extra sprite sheet file then PM loads it as an image, because it’s an image file.
If the additional sprite sheet details file is found then it loads it as an animation.

How to improve that? Asking for every image if loaded from the recent file list if you want to load it as an image or sprite sheet will disturb those who work just on images. :man_shrugging:

it can be an option that the designer can check or uncheck from the options.

Or PM can detect from the file name. for example in Gamemaker when you import sprite files with the “filename_strip4” name, Gamemaker can understand this is a sprite file and have 4 frames.

Or you can completely ignore it. I thought it was a glitch. It would be nice that detect from recent files.

Hm, I could maybe try to detect from the image data if it looks like sprite sheet.