Additional tile types

I would like to suggest additional tile formats for the tile editor:

  1. Hexagonal tiles (of different sizes)
  2. Isometric tiles (which can overlap which can happen for walls, trees, etc.)
  3. Isometric hexagonal tiles (combination of the two above)

Not sure how easy the last two are to implement but i subscribe to the Hexagonal tile suggestion.

Iā€™d love to see support for overlapping tile geometries too, but it does pose a bit of a problem for the editing interface.
You could no longer just freely paint as a screen pixel could have multiple tiles overlapping it.
Need some way to resolve which tile an edit applies to.
Easiest way I can think of would be to mark a specific tile as the current editing target, then limit all edits to that tile, though not the nicest workflow.

For me the ideal solution for supporting non-rectangular tile grids would be:

  • Rectangular tile bounds
  • Tile grid step vectors (one 2D vector per grid axis, ideally three so support 3D tile maps such as UFO: Enemy Unknown, Transport Tycoon, Ultima VII, etc.)
  • Tile origin offset relative to tile bounds
  • Tile centroid offset for mouse picking (default to bounds centroid, needs to be manual for uneven bounds fringe, eg. iso with more overlap above)
  • Axis draw order and direction (so tiles overlap as desired)
  • Quadrilateral grids can use axis step vectors for grid line drawing, hexagonal requires a special case though
  • Could have presets/wizard to hide the complexity from less technical users

Would then support any axonometric projection of quadrilateral and hexagonal grids.

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