• jan@cosmigo.com

Alpha transparency not working with tilemaps


Whenever I enable alpha transparency on tilemap project, or create new tilemap project with this option enabled
I can not remove tiles from map in Pick/Place tiles mode, just getting error"Action Aborted: pmotion_idqPIJy0Yc


Can duplicate this. Happens when you use the “right click erase”.


Yeah exactly, “get brush” tool also doesn’t work in “pick/place tiles” mode, when this bug occurs


“Get brush” with RMB works for me. It cuts (erases) without a message.


Ah yeah I tested this now, “get brush” works in this case, it was probably something else then, I will report it in new threat if I somehow duplicate this issue.


Would be great, because I plan to publish a maintenance update tomorrow and would like to fix important bugs if you find another one. Currently fixing the RMB-placement erase bug :wink:


Fixed with upcoming maintenance release 7.2.6