Alternative to crashing with displaying multiple projects

hello Jan@cosmigo I love the option of having Pro Motion NG being able to display more than one project at once it is awesome for multiple scrolling even in 3D. However I have found when you open up those projects and not all of the files are there or all of the files are missing the image will open but it will be missing those files. But in other programs I have seen that a dialog will open and say "find file (n)"or something like that. It would be nice if Pro Motion NG had this option too.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi @Morintari,

the title of the post says “Alternative to crashing with displaying multiple projects”. Does this mean that an application crash appears?
If so, can you please provide sample files?

Actually, it automatically opens all files that are referenced with the layer FX “Display other Project”. If you close one of the files during a session then the following tab appears in the Layers window:

Maybe I missed something. Can you describe in more detail what you do and what’s happening?


I have sent files and an explanation of how it works in your email

As discussed by email, placing all the files in the same folder as the project file automatically finds the files after moving around.