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Animation playback problems

Sometimes animations don’t play at proper speeds (sometimes too fast, sometimes too slow according to FPS/delay set). I don’t think it’s performance-related because when I reset the FPS value it seems to go away. Unfortunately I don’t know repro steps, but will keep testing to see if I can find these.

Was not reported before, so please keep trying to pin it down. Thx.

I’ve run into a similar problem. It doesn’t start right away, but after using Promotion for a while the animation playback gets weird. The playback stutters and frame skips and the only solution is to restart the program.

When the problem starts again, please keep everything as it is and try to
estimate how long the program was running without new start.
Now restart the program. If the problem is gone then please post the estimated time (days?) the program was running.
If the problem is not gone then please have a look at the system up time. Restart the computer.
Now I guess it is gone. Please post the time the system was up.

I have the same issue as the OP

Animation speed in NG has never seemed to playback at the rate set in the bottom right of the interface (it was fine on pre NG versions)
This isn’t affected by the program running for a time, it just doesn’t seem to work as expected.
I ran into this problem in 2019/20 when trying to animation some rapid VFX that relied on visuals alternating between frames.

To test, set an animation speed of 50FPS. Create 50 blank animation frames. Fill one or more consecutive frames with another color. playback and time the interval between flashes with a stopwatch.
note: the “50” in the test could be anything, but the number of frames must be a multiple of the frame rate (using 250 frames @50FPS and dividing the stopwatch reading by 5 would give a more precise result in theory)

What actually seems to be happening is that the playback is only restricted to a few preset playback speeds and I cannot achieve anything that resembles 50 or 60 FPS playback speed.

Both of these issues have occurred on 5 different machines with both windows 7 and 10.

BTW: I have had the Stuttering problems described above when I have loaded an old .fli/flc file. I don’t think this is related to the same issue.

Thanks Jan. Hope you’re well

edit I mention using FPS to test. the same occurs when using Milliseconds

Hi @roblevy101 ,

with 7.3 I changed the timing system and this will solve the problem you mentioned.
And a second problem could be pinned down by a user. Once you change the lock grid settings (size, alignment) invalid frames are displayed during animation. This will be fixed with a maintenance release for 7.2.