• jan@cosmigo.com

Animation playback problems


Sometimes animations don’t play at proper speeds (sometimes too fast, sometimes too slow according to FPS/delay set). I don’t think it’s performance-related because when I reset the FPS value it seems to go away. Unfortunately I don’t know repro steps, but will keep testing to see if I can find these.


Was not reported before, so please keep trying to pin it down. Thx.


I’ve run into a similar problem. It doesn’t start right away, but after using Promotion for a while the animation playback gets weird. The playback stutters and frame skips and the only solution is to restart the program.


When the problem starts again, please keep everything as it is and try to
estimate how long the program was running without new start.
Now restart the program. If the problem is gone then please post the estimated time (days?) the program was running.
If the problem is not gone then please have a look at the system up time. Restart the computer.
Now I guess it is gone. Please post the time the system was up.