Animation requester lower right hand corner/SOLVED

I have seemed to find a probkem in the animation requester in the lower right hand corner. where you click on with the mouse pointer but I’m pretty sure the keyboard shortcut wouldn’t work either. For instance the Loop animation backwards key doesn’t seem to work.The stop animation key might work but I can’t get the loop animation forward key to work to tell if the stop animation key will work? The play animation ping pong doesn’t work either. Please fix when you get a chance. Thanks ahead of time.

Just tried with an arbitrary animation project and could not find any issue. Can you send the project that’s not working?

because I cannot share the image I sent it to you in your personal email please fix when you have a chance thanks ahead of time

Sure, I just answered to your email. Your frame delays are very high (some thousand ms). That’s way it takes lots of seconds before the first frame switch occurs. Other frames only have 1ms. I guess these values where set accidentally.

Yeah that fixed it, don’t I feel like an idiot…Thanks Jan.cosmigo