Animbrush + stencil

Hello all,

I don’t think anim brush is working the way it’s supposed to be when paired with a stencil.


I have this animation from which I want to extract the smoke and make an animbrush with it.
So I made a stencil with all colors blocked except that of the smoke.

But when I try to animbrush it, it uses the shape of the stencil on the first frame for all next frames of the anim brush.

My first frame is this.

So my stencil animbrush look like this.

Is there a way around that issue ?


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The stencil auto update feature indeed only works when switching a frame. It is not used for picking up an AnimBrush. Not a bug actually but a missing feature. Added to my list.

Good to know.

I’m looking forward to seeing it integrated in a later build.

Thanks Jan.