Anti-alias doesn't apply via fill on pattern drawing

Windows 7

Hi @jan.cosmigo,

Drawing with brush with AA on will work i.e. the AA will apply to the other tiles.
But when using the fill tool, AA does not apply to the other tiles. Whether drawing on the OG tile or not.

  • In the demo below, I’ve pre-encircled the clump of color i want to apply AA on via the fill tool.
  • After re-filling the color with the same color just to apply AA, the other tile on the other side of the gif image doesn’t have AA applied to it.

I noticed this after applying AA via fill to all the elements on one of the tiles, only to find out that the edit didn’t register in the actual/OG tile :sob:

If there is actually a trick for this to register though, i’d be glad to know. :slight_smile:

Indeed, a bug. Need to fix it. Don’t have a trick to get around it :frowning:

Fixed in part with 7.2.5 (pending update)
No tool worked correctly when using anti aliasing with pattern drawing. This is basically fixed now.

But I also noticed that filling an exiting area with anti-aliasing does not do what you would like to achieve. I suggest to do the following:

  1. disable anti aliasing
  2. select the darker purple as second color
  3. pick up (cut) the piece (brighter purple) where you want the edges to be anti-aliased as a brush.
  4. enable anti aliasing
  5. stamp the piece down again
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Thanks Jan! I appreciate the additional advice too. :slightly_smiling_face: