Are there any issues which prevent making a single palette?

I sometimes draw sprites on my 3ds, and then create animations from the frames. Tonight, and this happens “sometimes”, I selected the first frame, changed the palette, and remapped “ALL” frames, 1-21, then hit enter. Each time I tried, only the first frame would remap and no other frames ever changed their palettes.
I changed them individually, then when I went to make a sprite sheet, was informed they all needed to be a single palette. So I tried remapping all of the frames into one palette, tried saving, and got the same message again.
The images I am importing are bmp’s, if that makes any difference.
I can work around this for now, but hopefully there is something I am just overlooking right now.
Thanks in advance if anybody has any input on this!

So my work around that I just found, was to save the animation as a .gif., then reimport, and voila!

Not too big of a hassle. Still would like to know, however, if there is something I can do to avoid this issue.

And again, thanks in advance for any help!

Hey WonkaVader,
since you do animations on 3DS did you know that you can do a whole plethera of tools in PMNG that are strictly 3D stereo. Including clone frames into 3D!

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