AVI to GIF that is used in Promotion


Is there any easy way to convert a shorter AVI clip to GIF "that keeping it to 250 colour? "

I have been trying to find a good way to do it. There shoud be some kind of Cosmigo avi to gif converter… Or that can konvert a MP4 file into AVI but still keeping it to the default palette.

Any tips or advice woud be wounderfull!!!

Or… is is in any way possible to use more than 250 colour in Promotion? (It woud atleast be possible for those who using Pro motion for other things than pixel related games)

Photoshop can easily do this, allowing you to specify exactly how many colors you want in the resultant GIF.

You’re limited to 255 colors in Pro Motion; you can only draw with the colors in the currently loaded palette.

In my opinion, Pro Motion is best kept within the niche realm of pixel art. Plenty of full color art apps out there.