• jan@cosmigo.com

Base16 Schemes: 107 New PM Palettes


Hi everyone,

I’m glad to announce that I’ve added 107 new color schemes to Pro Motion Assets project:

These palettes were taken from the Base16 color schemes, a well known collection of color schemes for syntax highlighting and editors themes, created by Chris Kempson:

I’ve just created a small application to programmatically convert every base16 scheme from the original YAML format to a .pal binary file.

Although the Base16 schemes were designed with syntax highlighting in mind, they might turn out to be good starting palettes for Pixel Art too, especially for logos and cover art. The colors of the schemes have been carefully chosen by their authors to work well together. Some Base16 schemes have become very popular and widely used, so using their colors could add familiarity to any art work.

Needless to say, this project is an experiment with color schemes in Pixel Art.


PS: @Jan, I’m really impressed by massive changes that came with the last PM NG 7.2 update, not only tons of fixes but also many new features. The list is so long that it took me half hour just to read it through the changelog. Superb work! thanks.