Been trying to register Pro Motion NG, after Windows 11 Install

I’ve been trying to register Pro Motion NG after a fresh install of Windows 11. I still have a backup of Windows 10.

After reaching out over BrashMonkey’s Support(purchased Pro version there), and Jan here at Cosmigo a couple of times. I have waited days without any response. Does anyone know of a way to recover a license file from the old installation on my backup of Windows 10?

I did find an email from Jan almost a year back, when I first purchased and asked if the application could be installed on multiple machines. I was told this would not be a problem. Yet, when I try to use the serial from my purchase over at BrashMonkey. It tells me that it has already been registered, and cannot be used again…

This is the same machine that Windows 10 was on. It’s just that I needed to do a fresh install of Windows 11 on the machine. Pro Motion NG is the only piece of software, I have been unable to get up and running again. And, it is part of my daily workflow.

Any help with this issue is greatly appreciated. Money is tight. And, I want to avoid having to purchase Pro Motion NG again. I’ve been digging through my backup of Windows 10 hard drive on an external drive. Looking through AppData, and ProgramFiles for Pro Motion NG. But, cannot find the license file located anywhere… I am at a loss here, currently.

EDIT: I’ve been reaching out to see about getting the current key “Reset”, so it can be used again. But, no help as of yet. So I figured I would attempt to post here in the Cosmigo forums. I remember hitting this issue once, months ago, but I’ve forgotten who it was I needed to reach out to, to have this resolved. Which is why I’ve attempted using Support through the website here at Cosmigo , as well as emailing Jan directly.

Hi @brainwavecreations ,

I answered your email today (with some huge delay, sorry for that!).
The thing is that the Redeem Code that you got when purchasing via can only be used once. It will generate the license key data and place it locally.
You need to export the key file manually in order to have it when you install the software on other systems.
This hint is shown in the Redeem Code dialog, but it can be missed easily:

Maybe I should emphasize this some more? Red and bold? Do you think you would have seen it then?
Or may I should change the information and flow so that right after using the redeem code a “save dialog” appears that will save the license key file?


Hey Jan,

No worries :). I just read the email, and tried the key. Thanks so much for your response! I actually took this week off due to burn out. Just trying to get ready for this coming Monday.

I figured this would have been the case. And, I slightly remember it generating that key file when I purchased almost a year back. I searched the backup of Windows 10, for any .pmk files but came up short.

I thought for sure I would have saved it somewhere safe : /. Either way, I am going to archive the email with the attachment, as well as backup the license file somewhere safe :slight_smile:

I would maybe have an export message pop up saying something like “Please make sure to save this key file somewhere safe, and be sure to make a backup.”, in another window once the key has been created?

No doubt, I have that previous license file somewhere, but I’ve just failed to find it… But, thanks again so much! I did see the message while trying to activate the software, which is why I knew I should have a copy of it somewhere… Maybe on a flash drive that got lost, or corrupted? shrug

Either way, I’m going to make sure to make a few backups of this key file you’ve just sent over. As well, as make a copy of the email as well. So I have it in multiple locations. Just incase this happens again

I hope you are having a fantastic weekend!

All the Best,

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