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Best third-party PM tutorial channels?


Wasn’t sure if it was entirely a good fit for Questions section, but I want to ask you this: What’s the best third-party PM tutorial channel on YouTube? Not pixel-art tutorial, just tutorials that show how to use aspect of Pro Motion that aren’t entirely obvious if you’re new to the program and didn’t have an experience with similar apps like DPaint in the past.

I know there’s official channel, but there are only few tutorials there and most of them use speech synthesizer (they should be redone anyway, because the voice used is very obnoxious, even Microsoft Sam would be better).


The newer videos on the official channel are voiced by an actual human and are good for getting started:

There are also some older tutorials (v6) on this playlist, but the sound quality is unfortunately quite poor:

I also found the docs pretty useful when I was getting started.


I know that the newer tutorials are voiced by a human (maybe even Jan himself) that’s why I’ve said “most of”, not “all of”. Thanks for the second playlist though. I don’t really care that much about sound quality unless I’m trying to listen to music, so some noise from fans and so on is ok with me, just that the speaker him/herself don’t have an obnoxious voice.


The sound of the old videos is really very bad. We will use some of the topics to be included in newer videos from time to time.
The voice is not mine. Mike Parent / www.brashmonkey.com did the new videos and the voice over.


Oh, I know him from the Clickteam forums. Really cool guy. And the quality isn’t that bad either, I really don’t mind the static, can understand what he’s saying pretty well.