Better panel management

What if Pro Motion implemented real panel docking?
Allowing the user total freedom in how he split apart or docked together individual panels/panel tabs.
Doing things like dragging the Background tab out of the Layers panel and docking it into another panel’s tab group and just docking it elsewhere as a lone panel would be possible.

This is how Visual Studio and most Adobe software works.

Recently, the dockpanel suite was brought back to life and improved.
Maintained on github. It supports re-skinning and has a lot of features.

I know from personal experience that complex user interface dev can be a complete nightmare, but this is an area where I see a way for Pro Motion to elevate itself higher over other pixel art software and help attract more users with a more modern and user-friendly ui.
Just an idea.

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Planned, but it’s not a .Net application, so I have to rely on what the UI dev system provides. It’s one of the next things after 7.3/spring release that have to be done, also in preparation of supporting DPI awareness.

Ah, yes, I was going to mention .NET and frameworks, but don’t really know enough about them. I figured you would know plenty since you’ve been down this road before in developing Pro Motion.

Your upcoming updates to PM are going to be great. Looking forward to it!

But still struggling with re-coding all the inner tool engine. I’m still not there where I would like to be at that point of time :roll_eyes: