• jan@cosmigo.com

Bitmap font conversion to ttf or otf?


PMG makes a great bitmap font but I want to convert this to a vector-based font so I can use it properly in Windows 10. Thing is, none of the online font converters can convert .bmf and the old third-party font converting software seems to like .fon format (another raster-based font) but not .bmf

An alternative method: could I convert .bmf to .fon?


Is there any converter that would take single images files (a file is just a single letter) to convert it to ttf or fon?
This could be a way to go, but I don’t know a BMF to TTF converter.


Thanks, as usual, Jan. I solved my problem in a roundabout way using this software to create PNG 200x200 files for each letter/symbol in the alphabet, then used an online converter to convert the PNG to SVG. I then used another website - IcoMoon - to upload each of the SVG files and connect them to the corresponding symbol according to unicode standard. I then was able to download the font as a TTF.