Brush container

Picked up the software a couple of days ago. Still getting used to it.
I don’t know if it’s a bug or I’m missing something but for some reason, the software changes the color ramp of brushes if stored in the global brush container (please see attached). So every time I want to transfer a brush from the tile mode to the image mode (or from one project to another), I have to tweak the colors. Is there any way to fix this issue?


Hi Tom,

can you please pick up the brush in question from the brush container and then use function “File/New Project/Create from Brush” and then paste a screenshot from this project here?


Hi Jan,

Thanks for the quick response. I created a new project based on the brush (I have included a screenshot). The same issue persists.


As far as I can see the color palettes are different. Please keep in mind that Pro Motion works based on indexed graphics. Every pixel points to an entry in the color palette. If two images/brushes have different palette entries then you can not directly share portions between such different images/projects.


You can let the brush remap it’s colors to the color palette you are using in a (second) project. Use the functions from menu Colors/Remap colors (and in your case “Brush” then).
It just does the following: It tries to find the exact colors from the brush (or the best matching) in the target palette and remaps all the pixels.
You should ensure that the colors of your brush are in your destination palette.


You can just use menu Colors/Import Colors from Brush. It will then add all colors to the target palette that could not be found and the brush pixels are then remapped as described before.

Hope this helps.


Hi Jan – I managed to fix the issue using the ‘Import Colors from Brush’ function. Thanks for the help – Tom.