Brush disappears intermittently while changing brush size

In this setup, PMNG doesn’t distinguish if it should just be changing the brush size or color picking.


  • Holding Ctrl is set as color picker
  • Ctrl + Mouse Wheel is set to change the brush size in Tool & Paint Settings / Control Tab


  • Hold and press the Ctrl key while scrolling the mouse wheel.

brush disappears while changing size

Quick workaround:

  • Setting Brush size to other than Ctrl. Ideally, Mouse Wheel only or Shift + Mouse Wheel.

PMNG ver.

Was intending to post this as a bug first. Then quickly realized the workaround and what was happening while writing the post. So i’ve rewritten it and put it under Tips & Tricks instead.

Yes, after the wheel applied it’s function the Ctrl key re-activates the color picker again, so this is a kind of side effect.