Brush size resets on Paint with Pen Tablet

Happens on the latest Steam version (14.03.2024)

Setting the brush zize to greater than one works as expected with mouse but instantly resets to 1 once a pen is used with the “WinTab” Setting enabled in preferences. Does not happen with WinAPI.


Jan@cosmigo I have found that I have the same problem in windows 11 V 80.70 Please fix this bug renders my intuos useless. Any help is greatly appreciated thanks in advance.

Hi @visionvortex ,

with WinTab this has always been working correct and “works as designed”.

In this settings dialog you define the brush size range.
When you set up 1-8 then then on “no pressure” it’s set to 1 and pressure increases to 8.

WinAPI does not correctly reset currently and needs to be fixed.

Indeed this is different to “normal” painting programs, but it works this way for the sake of precision on pixel level.


Just noticed that both modes work the same (or have the same problem). If you have a larger brush tip and move the mouse cursor on the canvas (with mouse) then grabbing a pen and continue moving on the canvas without leaving it, the brush size stays as it is. When you leave the canvas and enter it, then it’s set to the minimal size of the range as it should do.