Brush tool is have some problems

Hi Jan! thanks for fixing the png importer and the layer collapsing! I have one more: if the brush is not using ‘trim’ this happens. only affects the freeform brush tool.

notice that when i go into free rotate it uses the top left of the screen as the top left of the pickup area. The issue is also compounded the further you get from the top left.

PS the gif doesn’t play in promotion, only in browser. (another bug???)

Hi @nickwoz,

indeed this is a bug and it will be fixed with the next maintenance release. I don’t have a date for it. If it troubles you much then I could provide an individual patch for you.

GIF: gif is a weird format :slight_smile:
The GIF screen recorders optimize it very well and use the following approach:
The pixels of changes that define the next frame can have their own color palette. That means, if your first frame already uses 256 colors and the second frame applies changes in a limited area of the screen and uses 256 (new) colors there then you have 512 colors overall exceeding the limit.

I might improve it in the future so that every frame exceeding the 256 color limit is resampled/remapped to 256 color colors, but at the moment this is not the case.


Fixed with next maintenance release (hopefully next Sunday, Nov 17th)

oh nice, thanks! I’m so excited!