Brush Width Slider Problem


In PM v7.1.3 I’m experiencing an issue with the slider that appears when you focus the brush-width field (see below image)

The slider appears properly, but if you try to change the pixel width (using the slider), the slider disappears after perhaps one second, and the program stalls for 3-4 seconds afterwards.

This happens on both Windows XP and Windows 7 64-bit.

Any suggestions, or others seeing this same problem?



such a problem has not been reported yet. At my XP test system I don’t experience this problem.
Does this only happen with the brush width setting?
Such sliders are used at other places as well, e.g. at the layer opacity:

Does it happen there as well?


Hi Jan,

Thanks for responding so quickly.

This does not happen with any other slider, including those on the mail toolbar like opacity - they all work well.

I’ve tested PM 7.1.3 on a third Windows 7 machine yesterday, and it happens there too.

The installer EXE I’m using does have your digital signature, so it’s probably not a corrupted file. Are there any debug logs that the program produces that I could send?

I’ll try it on a Windows 8.1 machine today and let you know.


Hi Jesse,

I just checked again. I can reproduce that the slider disappears. I just did not slide far enough. But the program did not lock. Will check the problem concerning the disappearing. Maybe this will fix the lock problem for you, too.

Thank you,

Hi Jan,

Glad to see it’s reproducible.

The temporary lock-up only happens when I “abuse” the slider, grabbing it and dragging very quickly before it disappears, so I’d think that fixing the slider disappearing will fix that for me too.


Hi Jesse,

just fixed this. Indeed this was a new issue in 7.1.3.
I was not able to make the “lock” happen here, so I’m not sure if this is fixed, too.
Can I provide you a patch to check?
If so, then please send a private message with your email address.