Buying steam and non-steam version

Hi, I saw on steam that if I buy the steam version, I can contact you for a non-steam license key. Will this work the other way around? Or should I buy on steam if I want to have the flexibility of both versions?

It’s not a big deal, but I prefer to support the creators directly when I can.



it would be great if your ordered at my web-site. Then send me an email concerning a Steam key and you will get one in return.


@Jan, it would be great to automatically receive the steam key when purchasing on the website.

People who bought PM NG on this website (like me) are completely left cut-off from the PM NG Steam Community Hub — can’t create guides, add screenshots, etc. Unfortunately, Steam enforces a strict policy that only allows product-purchasers to actively contribute to a product Community Hub.

I’m not sure how this business of Steam keys works in terms of burden on your side, but allowing all PM NG users to redeem a Steam key would empower them to make the PMNG Steam Hub grow — which, in turn, would increase the product visibility and popularity on Steam.

Steam Hubs often provide guides in many different languages, something which is beyond the scopes of this forum (where English is the standard language of reference, and having threads in Russian or Japanese would feel odd). So, undoubtedly the Steam Hub could be a valuable PMNG asset when it comes to internationalization.

Thank you for this suggestion. I think Steam would not like to see this, because for obvious reasons they want to sell and not that I sell and use their systems for “publicity” :slight_smile:
Also I would undermine the work of my Steam publisher with this. So, it can only stay the optional way as it is today. People that want a Steam license should buy on Steam in first place.


I see. As I said, it’s not clear to me how this business of the keys works. I thought that whenever you issue a Steam Key you’d have to pay to Steam their profit share, so that ultimately it doesn’t make a difference for them where the key came from.

I assumed this because I noticed that Humble Bundle also issues Steam keys, and if you buy on Humble you also get a DRM version of the app (and often a better price), which is why many people prefer buying on Humble and redeem on Steam, so they get both the Steam app as well as a standalone version.

My deduction was that Steam would get payed when the key is issued. If not, it seems a rather counter productive strategy on their side.