Cannot Get AnimBrush to work on Mac, using CrossOver


I cannot get the animbrush to work at all while using Pro Motion on Mac with CrossOver. I understand the Windows to Mac keyboard translations in which you must use the command key instead of alt, and this actually works completely fine with other commands that require alt. Yet this does not work for animbrush. I have adjusted my anim brush settings to the right number of frames, yet when I hold alt/command to pick up an animation, I just get a normal brush instead and cannot cycle through frames or stamp the animation. Does anybody know anything about this problem who could provide me with assistance? Is there something I’m missing or have other people also experienced this?

Thank you!

Hello prestomcqueen from what I understand you do not use alt/command to grab an animbrrush. Instead you go to menu brush/animbrush/grab frame selection. Of course the only downside of this is you must have your whole brush on a layer or a series of layers that are selected. Good Luck I hope this works for you.

Hi @prestonmcqueen,

that’s indeed weird if it works with other tools. Just to be sure…
You are using V7, not V8 beta?
You still hold CMD key when you release the mouse button on pick up?
You don’t have the numbers in square brackets after pick up?:

Can you maybe additionally check the V8 beta? All tools have been programmed from scratch and maybe this is more compatible?


Hi @jan.cosmigo and @Morintari thank you guys for your replies!

I realized I was simply using the wrong input to grab the animbrush and now it is working properly and consistently. No more problems here!

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glad to hear it. I hope you enjoy the best pixel paint software available!