• jan@cosmigo.com

Cannot save project file if project name is "."

Not really a showstopper… but it can be - if discovered late, or if hours pass.

Create a new project, rename the project: “.” in the input bar at the top


Try saving the project, any kind of save. You’ll find you’ll be unable to.

Once you exit, a prompt will pop up. Saying you didn’t save your work yet.

Click “Yes” and the prompt will go away. Exit again after, and the prompt will pop up again.

Discovered this after accidentally pressing “.”, I didn’t mind it, thinking I could just change it later. Only to find this behavior, shortly after.

A workaround could be to change the project name. But looking around, even in “File > Project Settings”, you couldn’t do that.
Sidenote: I’ve never really had any use for “project settings”, ever.
Side-sidenote: Would be incredibly streamlined for me if everything in the “Create New Project” window, is also found in the “Project Settings” window.

There might be a way to change the project name, but IDK how.

I tried to check if a temporary file like “…PMP” maybe somehow exists using Voidtools - “everything” but to no avail.
Though, either it doesn’t really exist, or that my query string was wrong.

PMNG ver.