Cannot use resize with accurate results when drawing on more than one layer

It seems if one tries to draw with more than one layer and resize it. The whole image is turned black accept for the current layer it seems that if the user wants to shrink all of the layers he or she has to do it one by one by eliminating the layers resizing them and saving the final output each time this is a big hassle. Please fix as soon as you have time thank you in advance.

I did not understand what you exactly do. Can you please describe in more detail, which steps you do?

Maybe I missunderstood the ability on the resize tool maybe however this is what I found. the layers are in tact but thier alpha is not. Instead it is replaced with black. if you (Jan.cosmigo) can make it so the alpha is still in tact I think we would have it

i Here is what I have found to reproduce the bug.

1.create a canvas try 100x100 and 8 frames
2.create multiple layers create a graphic on each layer and on each frame resize the graphic using the resize tool at the lower right hand corner
5. try a value like 75%x75% OK

Ok thank you for all of your help in the past. Thanks in advance

Occurs with color resampling. Will check and fix.

Thanks Jan.cosmigo I really appriciate that!

Fixed with V8 beta 10. The problem was that transparency got lost when resizing.

thanks again Jan.cosmigo the greatest programmer award belongs to you.