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Can't change grid options

Might be occuring after Windows update. I can’t change grid properties, nor can I use symmetry on ProMotion 6. I thought that I might have to switch to NG (although its performance still seems to be subpar to 6) and it turned out to have the same problem, althought symmetry is moved to another button. It turned out to be happening yesterday. I’m not sure, but it may or may not be connected to Win10 update. I try to delay updates now, since those bastards are testing on production version, but sometimes this sneaky Win10 will install it anyway. Please help me, I really need those features to do my job!

Video: 2021 05 27 18 31 09 - YouTube
There’s no sound, but I’m right-clicking like crazy on that grid button.

Ah, I forgot to add - I’ve reinstalled NG to check if it would save me and relaunched computer few times.

So, there are 2 grid tools. One, is purely for visual assistance. The other, which you kept on clicking is for drawing/pixel placement assistance. Zoom Grid tool seems to work fine in your vid.
Looks like the button you’re trying to make work is the Lock grid tool.

Honestly, I never used that tool. But I may be able to help.

In your vid, I see the crucial window is enabled:

Now, when you right click on the Lock grid tool,

the tab on the crucial window (tool/paint settings), should jump from anywhere to Lock grid like so:

Note: I don’t see this window opened in your vid. Maybe it’s in another monitor? If the window is hidden behind the canvas (happens to me), you could just execute Set Default Layout (I’m not sure if my kb shortcut is default, might not be so I’m posting. Check yours)

Caveat: If you Set Default Layout, and you have a none standard layout, make sure you have saved your none standard layout first:

Hope this helps!

P.S. @jan.cosmigo I wish we could change the color of the lock grid, the visual representation is hard to make out in my current transparency pattern bg. (If i missed it and there actually is a way, how?):

Extremely, extremely minor issue for me, but… you know. :sweat_smile:

That’s not helpful at all. I don’t think you even understood the issue. I can’t launch the symmetry toolbox in PM 6.5 and I can’t launch option box in NG.

Note: I don’t see this window opened in your vid. Maybe it’s in another monitor?

That’s the issue right there. There’s no other monitor, I’m working from a laptop. It just ceased to pop-up. Only for the grid tool, the others - as shown on video - appear just fine.

@WhateverMineIsTaken please use menu Options/Windows/Set Default Layout.
Does the missing window named “Tool & Paint Settings” appear? The one that’s mentioned by @cageburner .

@cageburner: unfortunately you can’t change the lock grid color at the moment. Is on my to do list.