Can't interact with window after opening file in Pro Motion

I’m currently evaluating Pro Motion to replace my current pixel art software, and I’m pretty impressed with it.

However, when I open an image file in Pro Motion via the explorer while Pro Motion is closed, the Quantize Colors window briefly appears and then disappears, and I’m not able to interact with the program’s windows (a windows error sound plays). This doesn’t occur when opening a file while Pro Motion is already open.

It seems to be an issue related to window focus. If I open the file from an explorer window, that explorer window regains focus and moves to the foreground after Pro Motion opens up.

I’ve uploaded a video of the issue to YouTube:

Hi @irock,

the window is hidden behind the main window, so that you can’t access it anymore. I can duplicate this. Should be fixed with next update.


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That’s what I figured was happening. Glad you were able to reproduce it, and I look forward to the update.


Fix is done with upcoming 8.0.6