Channel bit depth and the value range of the palette color sliders

So thankfully Pro Motion has the option of dialling down the channel bit depth (Colors–>Modify Color Bit Depth…) to match older hardware. Hardware such as the much beloved Amiga 500. So you can set it to 4 bits per channel. Giving you a range of 0-15, instead of 0-255. Unfortunately the color slider values in the ‘Color Palette’ don’t reflect this narrower value range. They still go from 0 to 255. Which makes it very difficult to match it to legacy software running on such legacy hardware. Brilliance and Deluxe Paint (and Grafx2) for instance all use the 0-15 range.

I’ve come across this hurdle as I’m trying to create and optimise an Extra Half-Brite palette in Pro Motion. Since Pro Motion doesn’t automatically create EHB colors, I have to use Grafx2 (and Brilliance) to help out here. So the problem is highlighted.

So it would be really great if the Channel Bit Depth specified in ‘Modify Color Bit Depth’ would also modify the value ranges of the sliders in the Color Palette.