Color cycling broken in

As you can see the color cycling is always seen like is activated the only way to get out is trough task manager pmotionbug3

Not sure if related to the issue, but it is gradient feature related. Changing the settings on the gradient selection window does not sync on the main window UI. Only happens when we close the gradient selection window via the close (x) button, instead of - via selecting a gradient.


It’s indeed a bug. The button that starts color cycling playback does not stop it when you hit it again but should.

Fixed with V8 beta 9

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Just an additional report related to the issue, in case it wasn’t seen. (I was trying my hand at color cycling again, since i don’t understand it. How do we export the animation from color cycling?)

Issue: Cannot close project tab where color cycling was enabled and running.

Demo (2.9MB .gif file), Mouse is in the lower left corner, trying to close the project. No response of any sort from PMNG:

We also get this window if we try to close PMNG itself:

PMNG v8.b8

Disclaimer: The waterfall image in the demo was taken from - Canvas Cycle: True 8-bit Color Cycling with HTML5

Thanks for reporting additionally. It’s the same problem.