• jan@cosmigo.com

Color cycling tilesets import fails


Hi Jan!
I tried to exporting color cycling animated tilesets as LBM, and they work fine in other programs.
But the gradient/color cycling info is lost when importing the LBM tilesets into a new promotion project.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

Thanks for your time


Hi @Camonio,

can you tell me how you import the data as tile set data? There are different ways to do so.



I imported the tileset via: Tile Mapping ->Import Tiles
Tried different options, overwrite, import new colors, etc
When I read your message I realized I can open the LBM tileset as an image and resize the project, that works.
Is there some setting I missed to make the import tiles with gradients work? Or some whole other way? (Just to know more)


Indeed when importing the tile set using concrete tile import functions then the color cycling info is lost. You must go the way you mentioned, loading the LBM as an image and go from there.