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Color Palette - Edit contrast tab, behavior is normal or not?


When I modify color parameters (H, S, B, C) In color Palette - Edit Contrast tab minus 10 is not minus 10 in color properties. This is normal or not?

Thank you
Pro Motion NG is awesome.

Hey, You’re talking about this, right?


I couldn’t understand your query though. What do you mean -10 is not -10 in color properties?

Thanx for the question! Maybe this is not bug, only i not fully understand the color values.
(Not only at minus 10 the value can be any number)

I test this again, and now works fine, maybe i was wrong.
I like the mass color manipulation in this tab, and i like number and some times the number is not that what i expect, maybe me need concentrate to the color and not the values. :slight_smile: But now the value ok…

The detailed explanation:
Color properties HSB in start step:

Color properties HSL in start step: image
I select first row of color and manipulate the saturation to minus 10: image
And if i check the color properties, the saturation is ok, but the brightness is changed also.
In HSL i think is good.

And if change hue usually the difference is +/- 1 …

I think the underlying mechanics for the behavior you mentioned here is outside of PMNG, but rather, touching on color theory.

As far as i know, with my limited knowledge on color theory, this is normal.
Both HSL and HSB models use similar maths to determine Hue, but different maths to determine Saturation, Brightness and Lightness. Hence, the discrepancy in the numbers on the window of your screenshot.

I’m sure there’s a more thorough explanation for this. But as far as the query’s’ scope goes, i think this is enough. I hope that helps!

Thank you, I accept if this is the except behavior!

I ran another test and now it shows better what I’m talking about. please check:
The color in HSB:

The color in HSL:

After -10 Brightness, only -5 seeing in the values.