🎨 Color Palette panel doesn't update when sampling during animation

If you sample a color or click in the Color Palette panel while animating, the Color Palette panel doesn’t update to show you what your currently selected colors are.
This can be disorienting especially when working with ramps because it’s important to know which color you currently have selected at all times so you know whether to select the next or previous shade, etc.
What ends up happening for me is, I start and stop my animation, or mash the next/previous color shortcuts, to force refresh the Color Palette so I know which ramp I’m working in.

Recorded it happening - focus on the Color Palette when I sample a new color while the animation is playing, then stop the animation:

No update while animation is playing. It WILL update if I use a color navigation shortcut key, which is good.

The foreground/background colors also don’t update until you stop your animation or use a color navigation shortcut:

My GIF fails to show this but the Color Palette panel doesn’t update when directly clicked

Color navigation shortcuts to select a different palette color are detected and do cause the Color Palette to update while animating.

Color Palette panel and top-left foreground/background swatches don’t update, while animating, if you:

  • sample a color
  • click in the Color Palette panel to select a new color

-Stopping animation will correctly update the ui.
-Color navigation shortcuts will correctly update the ui.

Is it viable to have the Color Palette panel AND foreground/background always update when you change colors during animating so the Color Palette panel is never misleading?

Indeed the update for those areas are not used when animating. It’s not a bug, though, but I understand the need. Added to my list :slight_smile: