Color Palette Remap generates additional palette entry

I found what seems like a bug in the last few versions…
Updated to latest and still occurring

Loading a 16 color index png image
Colors->Load Palette (also 16 color png)
Press Color Palette -> Remap
17th color generated, image uses this 17 color

Seems to usually occur with source color black

See unlisted video showing reproduction steps HERE

Hi @Auscoder,

a palette always has 256 colors. Even if you load an image/palette that only has the first 16 entries in use then this does not matter for the color remap function. Remap always uses the while palette. Color 16 is black and the color in your image is closer to that black entry than to any other in the first 16 colors.
If you want to limit the colors to remap to then there the following ways:

  1. In the palette editor select the colors you want to remap to and use “Remap Colors/Remap Project to Selection”
  2. create a gradient with the colors you want to remap to and use menu Colors/Remap Colors/Frame(s) to Gradient


Hi Jan,

Thank you for the explanation on how to remap to a selection of colors.

I tried both #1 and #2 options you listed, and both these options have no effect on changing the colors.

New Project from image
Load Palette
Select 0-15 palette colors
Right click on selected colors -> Remap Colors -> Remap project to selection

The frame color mappings remains unchanged (Pressing remap does work, but with the problem I noted initially)

Following the step for #2, also the colors mapping remains unchanged.

Is there possible a step I missed here?

Thanks very much for you assistance :slight_smile: