Comsigo Blog: Add RSS Feed

Hi everyone. Sorry for being absent from the forums, but I’ve been caught up in a project which doesn’t leave me as much time as I wished to enjoy Pro Motion NG and the forums.

Which brings me to the topic of this suggestion post: I use my email client to also download all new posts from blogs I follow, via RSS feeds — this allows me to keep up with the latest news, without having to actually visit every site; and it also reminds me of actually visiting those sites.

I couldn’t find any RSS feed icon and link on Cosmigo blog. It would be nice to have this feature, so I could follow the blog’s news in my email client, just as the forum summary emails allow me to catch up with the latest posts.

Hi Tajmone,

I will see if the blog I use supports this. I think it does. I just need to find out how :slight_smile:


Please use

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Thanks Jan, works great!

I’ve added the RSS link to my email client.

Sorry for the late reply.