Concerning the behind mode(SOLVED)

I love the behind mode and I find it very powerful however it would be better if it were in the brush menu instead of the mode menu. for example if it were in the brush menu a user could use any kind of mode with it for example
Halftone/behind or formula/behind…ect The possibilities are as many as what there are modes for.
thanks in advance.

Thanks for the suggestion. @mathias made another proposal that I just included:

Now you can have a global transparency lock for when drawing. It can lock opaque or transparent areas and it works with every paint mode.

Thanks to you both for improving this!

Can’t wait…Thank you Jan@cosmigo and mathias!:grinning:Please make a keyboard shortcut for the transparency lock.( I envision setting up a toggle but it’s up to you.) for both the lock transparency or lock image, (the toggle would work great as long as there was a visual updater such as where it says which mode your on if it could say either transparency lock or (TL)or image lock or (IL) or something like that which would be great)…thanks in advance.

There is a shortcut to enable/disable and another one to toggle between the modes.
The mode you are on is shown then in the main window where the paint mode is shown (right besides the color slots at the top left).

Once again you rock Jan@cosmigo, now the transparency lock is everything I could of dreamed of!

Teamwork makes the dream work, Mori.
Good thinking on the change to behind mode. This seems much better.

Thanks mathias! I couldn’t agree more ! Keep thoes great ideas commin!